Thursday, 26 January 2012

resolved to sew 2012

Inspired to think about my sewing aims for this year by this  giveaway and wanting very much for this to be the year I actually use all of these yummy and truly scrummy pieces of fabric.

I am resolving to actually do some sewing rather than  spending my time thinking, planning  and  looking adoringly at the gorgeous patterns.

* First project is to make this gorgeous dress,  hopefully in time to be a birthday dress for my babe.

In the famous words of the nike advert, my sewing resolution of 2012 is simply this

Just Do It!

Do you have any crafty resolutions?


  1. Oh, I can so totally relate to what you've said. It's so easy to get caught up with browsing and scheming and before you know it another day has gone! I suppose my resolution is my 52 weeks of crafts for this year, at least I now have to make myself do something each week so that I can put it on the blog. I think I'll print out Just Do It! and put it somwhere prominent as a kick up the bum! Suzy xx

  2. Just Do It Grace! That cute dress will look adorable, can't wait to see photos of the finished product. My 2012 resolution was to learn to knit, me and craft have always had a love-hate relationship, so this is a leap of faith for me! So far I've managed to cast on!

  3. Oh I totally hear you!

    I have some truly gorgeous patterns and some yummy fabric, but haven't done anything with them.....!
    I'm with you this year Grace - I'm just going to DO IT!

  4. Good luck with your resolution. The pattern is adorable and your fabrics are lovely:)

  5. can't wait to see what fabrics you use - i've loved this pattern for ages! good luck! x


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