Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Twenty Twelve

As ever we took full advantage of the free vintage buses which always replace the usual public buses on the first day of a new year in our little city.  


It is always fun to travel on the old buses, although sadly it is now much more appealing to the younger members of our family. How frightening is it when "vintage buses" are the  ones you remember as a child and you read  notices inside  which have no meaning to your children ("Does that include ipods?")

Adverts painted on the side of buses seem laughable now, if only a house was that cheap!

We departed in the shadow of King Alfred

and joined the vintage bus crowds in front of the Guildhall before enjoying a little  Christmas voucher spend in town. Such a lovely way to spend the first day of a new year; being together and not spending any money. 

Here's to Twenty Twelve and many more happy moments to enjoy and share!


  1. lovely photos Grace. House in Teg Down for £2250 - I'll have one for the weekends

  2. Those buses look great. I can't believe houses were that cheap!

    Emma xxx

  3. Loved the pics of the old buses.Mu mum and dad met when they worked on the buses in the 1940s-1950s, he was a bus driver and she was a conductress! I remember our old school bus being something like that too in the 60's, they were open at the back though and it was freezing.I dont think they would allow it these days with the health and safety aspect.

  4. Oh those buses!! So gorgeous!

    My dad was a bus driver, but Aussie buses are not nearly as nice - even vintage ones.......

  5. What a cute bus. Happy New Year to you!

  6. I didn't know they were free, thought it was an exclusive club or something. Great piccies as usual.
    Love the Teg Down house it's about that much to rent per month nowadays!
    Looking forward to reading your blog this year Grace, always inspires me. xx


Thank you for your lovely comments, they really do brighten my day!