Thursday, 8 March 2012

Easy Baby Taggy

Smallest boy has been off school all week with a horrible temperaturey virus  and little lady has entered the twos in a very vocal way so it was such a fabulous  lift to my day to receive a little package in the post yesterday.  It was from a lovely lady who blogs here, definitely worth a read and her menu plans have been a real inspiration to me.   Yesterday she asked for ideas for a special baby gift and it got me thinking about lovely easy things to make for a new little babe.  I had to admit defeat in making a new one  this morning, this photo pretty much epitomises the emotion of the morning!

I was all ready to make a small baby  boy taggy toy; found the Cath Kidston washcloth, sorted the ribbons I have accumulated including my lovely new ribbon pack and started to cut the white fleece for the front.  My little duo had other plans for my attention though.

Ruby has loved hers and enjoyed playing with and eating the ribbons and snuggling up with it when she is tired.  On the back of hers is the spray flowers print that always makes me think of her early days because she had a blanket in the same print in her incubator. 

 It was very easy to make: I folded and pinned ribbons to the washcloth, cut out a piece of fleece, lay it over the top to create a ribbon sandwich,  and then sewed together.  To be safe especially as it is a baby toy it is probably best to sew round it twice to make the ribbons  really secure.  

I love this print  though, perfect for a little one.

What have you made for a new baby?  

I'd love to know especially easy and quick ideas!


  1. Perfect Grace - that's just what I need and thank you for the mention - very sweet of you. I have some time this weekend so I'll raid my stash and see what I can come up with xxx
    PS. Little Lady's face is a picture!

  2. Oo we have had the same virus. It's been a long week in our house!

  3. Love your creativity Grace - slightly envious though. Lots of love, xxx

  4. That's a great idea for a present. Daniel used to have a face cloth that he snuggled with. It had a nice big label on it, but I never thought to sew extra ribbons on it.

  5. Ingenious and thrifty!
    My 10 yr old still has his first comforter, one of those fabric squares with a (threadbare) bear's head. A friend's child used to dote on a yellow Marigold glove as a comforter! - I definitely find a bit of Cath more aesthetically pleasing!

  6. Hi Grace, I've entered you for the giveaway.....thanks for popping by....I've just added the one comment, so I can work out the winner using random number thingy.....x

  7. Cute toys! I hope your little boy gets to feeling better.

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog.

  8. What gorgeous fabrics... I do LoVE that CK trains print...! Your taggies look adorable, a perfect gift for baby :-)

    I hope your little ones are feeling better. I think one of my boys is coming down with something so they'll probably all have it by monday :(
    I hope you manage to enjoy your weekend.
    Louise xxx

  9. Currently knitting squares for a blanket. Ok, i'm half way through my first square. Shhh! How is the baby now? X x

  10. Hi.....hope my message got to you!
    You won my give away!xxxx

  11. Hi,
    Please leave your details for me to post out the CK stuff.....I'll delete the comment with the address

  12. Will post your parcel tomorrow!xxxx

  13. What a great idea.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and kind comments.
    Carol xx


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