Thursday, 22 March 2012


This was the sight as I looked down when walking home from school earlier, the  mix of colours, patterns and textures were glorious.   I realised that despite having maybe thousands of photos of my children I didn't have any of them from this view point,  which is perhaps the way I have seen them the most especially when they were small.  

She was fast asleep so I took the opportunity to find the camera and get my picture, her little hand looked so sweet with the contrasting patterns behind.  Two years and one month and still not sleeping very well at night, "Cuggle Wuby Mummy" was very cute the first time we heard it at half past five in the morning but not so much now  lovely girl!

Two years and one month

I was in our front garden with a sleeping babe safe in the buggy and camera in hand and starting thinking more about perspective, the way in which we look at things, in particular the point of view we take.  Here are a few pictures of the same thing but from a different perspective:

Perspective makes a difference.

The tree which I have been told is a cherry blossom still looks amazing, although the sky was not as brilliant at nine today.

and a different perspective

In an attempt to keep it real  I will now shatter the illusion of a perfect front garden: the hyacinths were randomly shoved in the ground last year to see what would happen, the daffodils are actually my neighbours, we have a lot of work to do to tidy the garden after a tree was taken down, of course there is are several little boy piles of sticks as well as a scooter flung somewhere.

But who wants to dwell on things like that when there is such beauty  to gaze at? It is all about choosing the right perspective  and as I have thought about it all day I have been reminded of  a verse from the bible:

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.
Isaiah 55 v 8

A little voice is reminding me about my perspective:  although circumstances and situations stay the same and can be out of my control to change, I need to check I am  looking at things in the  right way.   Making sure I am investing my life in important things, the things that really matter.  Remembering the whole picture and not getting caught up in a tiny part.

Gaining the right perspective changes everything.

Anything you need to change perspective on today?


  1. such a lovely post Grace :) I too need to get some perspective and invest in the most important things. Here I am sitting at work when I'd far rather be with my little boy :( But God certainly has a plan, and His ways are not my ways. One day I'll look back on now and see how far He's brought me. xx

  2. I must echo Ruth's comments. This half of term is six weeks and four days long. The teenagers and some of the staff are driving me a bit crazy. It's good to take a deep breath and consider what's really important again. Jx

  3. Hi Grace! Nice to meet you. Your post is truly beautiful. Changing the perspective is something I have trying to do a lot lately. It sure change the whole picture and makes things easier to bare.

  4. Hi Grace. Thank you for the sweet note left on my blog. The fabric in question was purchased at a quilt shop. However it is part of a bundle that is for sale in my etsy shop. Plus the tissue holders are for sale in my shop to. :0)

  5. Totally true - the way we view the events and trials of life dictates how we react and learn from those troubles thrown our way. Though this is often hard to remember when we are in the midst of a crisis.

  6. How very true - wise words Grace - thank you x

  7. Awww, that little curled up hand, so precious. I was sorting through things in the loft the other day and came across Eleanor's baby box, the box I store all the keepsakes in. There was a little clay plaque with her hand print which she'd made at either nursery or primary school. Hard to believe her hands were ever that tiny.

  8. Grace, What a beautiful post! I love the photographs.....I need to get my camera out. What an inspiring piece on perspective. You should publish..............X


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