Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday Happy

Monday Morning is the time in my week when I focus on the house; attempt to get on top of the weekend chaos, tackle the laundry mountain and try to organise things for the week ahead. However, when the sun is shining as wonderfully as it was this morning the house mess can wait and time outside is essential.  Even better with a camera to capture the glorious sky.

This is the beautiful tree in our front garden "all pink now " to quote middle girl, here it is with a wider frame.  I am hoping my Mum will read this and remind me what the tree is called, although pink and blossomy sounds pretty perfect at the moment!

Hanging the washing didn't feel like a chore today and it is giving me a real satisfaction to see the nappies blowing in the wind.  I  used cloth nappies for half (and a bit) of my half dozen but finally gave in to tiredness, way too much washing, working much more and the happy  discovery that Sainsburys Basic nappies are really good as well as being cheap about a year ago. I couldn't face the supermarket at the weekend so after running out of nappies I resurrected my cloth baby, hopefully it might help get ready for potty training too.  They look pretty fab dancing away this morning though.

Mothers day flowers look beautiful inside as well

and a beautiful, kind and very thoughtful gift from a friend is making me smile upstairs.

I was too ill at the weekend to go with her to a jumble sale but she kindly shared her findings with me, what a delightful thing to do and it fair cheered me up when I was feeling rough.  It will be a treasured gift because of the love and thought that went into it.......and Mr oldpolicehouse won't be able to complain that yet another flowery thing has entered the house!

Finally happiness complete Ruby is wearing the patch  and  enjoying a precious sisterly moment with a poorly middle girl.

What's your sky like where you are today?  I hope it is as glorious and happy making as mine is!


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog today. How exciting/nerve-wracking that you are getting hens too! We'll have to cheer each other on! :) xx

  2. i agree, you have to grab the moments of sunshine while you can. Hope both you and middle girl are both feeling better. Lovely Mother's Day flowers, I love tulips.

  3. Soo glad you like the picture from Mrs G. Shame you couldn't be there too - it was a super duper jumble with some brilliant finds! Hope you can come next time? x

  4. My sky started like yours but now we have clouds. Your blossom is so gorgeous! Suzy x

  5. Sounds as if the beautiful day has lifted your spirits - hope things continue on an upward trend and the illness doesn't take its turn with all of you!

  6. Here we have a lovely blue sky .... wish I had put my washing on the line, bit too late in the day now. You can't beat the smell and feel of line-dried washing!

    Fleur xx

  7. We had lovely blue sky too!
    I had along rest in bed this morning with some tea and toast and lots of C.L mags.....I was at work on Sunday, which was happily busy for Mothers day!


  8. Happy monday to you! And hoping the middle girly is feeling better, though it's quite nice having them home every now and then isn't it!...It's been such a fabby day here in Somerset, blue skies ( though a nip in the air ).....spring is here....warmer days to come...oooooh I can't wait!
    Nattie x

  9. Happy Monday! We had a full-on frost over night but it's been a lovely day here. Sorry to hear that you've been ill. Hope that the bug doesn't hang around too long. All the best, Jx

  10. Beautiful sky here too today, doesn't it make a difference?! Hope you're all restored soon and yay to Ruby for wearing her patch. A good day indeed!
    Kate x

  11. oh how I miss seeing nappies on the line, there is something so lovely about it :-) Love the blossom photos x

  12. Such happy pinky photos! Blossom shots are a firm favourite of mine!


Thank you for your lovely comments, they really do brighten my day!