Tuesday, 27 March 2012

graffiti knitting

As we were walking to school this morning my smallest boy ran back to tell me with much excitement that "there was sewing by the dentist".  I wasn't really sure what he meant but soon realised he had got sewing and knitting muddled up  when I saw  the cause of his excitement.

Apart from the time we saw an old lady drive into a walled  front garden, this probably is the most exciting things that has happened on our  daily way to and from school.  In fact it could be one of the most  happening things to happen in our little part of the world.  It  even gets better,

 as there were three!

In the back of my mind   I vaguely remembered reading something about this and  after a quick internet search,  I remembered reading this  article with the dramatic headline

The graffiti knitting epidemic

A bunch of 'graffiti knitters' are on the loose in the UK – hellbent on liberating us from the forces of drabness.....
There are a lot of older people who live in our area and it has made me smile all morning imagining some of the sweet old ladies creeping out at night with their knitting to "liberate" the area!  
I have no idea who did this or really why you would want to choose this particular place to liberate, but whoever you are, thank you for making my school run much easier this morning.

Has anyone seen any of this graffiti knitting anywhere else?
Have you daringly done it?
Tell all....


  1. It looks great, doesn't it? It's certainly done it's job if you've been smiling all morning.

  2. Is this middle class rebellion Grace? Andy

  3. Not seen any in real life yet but hoping to. Certainly brightens things up! Suzy x

  4. fab, what a great surprise on the walk to school!x

  5. Never seen any, but might start doing it!

  6. I think its brilliant! I would love to do something like that but I havent got the nerve.It sure would brighten up some of the dreary places though!

  7. If you google guerilla knitting and saltburn, you should come up with something really great!!

  8. Love it!!! What a way to brighten up the school run. What I find sweet is that your little one got excited about it... Obviously knitting ROCKS! Whoop whoop :-D

    Louise xx

  9. Hello, that's a lovely bit of knitting. I think yarn bombing is a nice way to brighten up people's day.

    I've been known to indulge in it myself...


    1. shared your fabulous story on an update post - such a fun idea!

  10. An old ladies knitting groups covered a pub in Battle, East Sussex with crochet graffiti for an Arts week they had last year. It was brilliant. They made a pub sign, flowers for the window boxes, bench covers, curtains. Wish I could find a picture now @zingzingtree

  11. the knitting graffitti looks great, I am Very tempted to try some of my own, perhaps just around the lampost in our garden.......


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