Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sweet pincushion

Those monthly craft cafe mornings seem to roll around very quickly  at the moment but I can't think of a  better way to spend a Saturday than with lovely ladies, chatting and crafting while drinking delicious coffee.  Today we made super sweet pincushions, the original design for these was from a recent Mollie Makes magazine  in the shape of an apple.  If you want to make one here is how.  This was my version,

I am so pleased with it and it was so quick and easy to make.

Can you spot my mistake from this angle?

Underneath the pincushion is  a new quilt I bought in Primark earlier in the week, only fifteen pounds for such a gorgeous way to cover our old sofa and bring a bit of colour into the room!  

They have a really good range of bright new spring items in their home range at the moment, including this picture which looks fantastic against the conservatory wall.

Enjoy bringing a bit of sunshine into your home this weekend!


  1. I can't see anything wrong with your pin cushion.. it looks really sweet. Have a great rest of weekend! Jx

  2. Your pincushion looks great, and the quilt lovely, amazing what you can pick up at the lower price range. Julie xxx

  3. I can't see any mistakes with the pin cushion, it's lovely. I saw that range in Primark and managed to resist, just. I may have to pop back in again though. I love the picture, I didn't see that.

  4. I cant believe that throw was a primark one! Unbelievable value for money and isnt the material gorgeous?
    P.S. I cant see any mistakes either

  5. I m feeling a trip to primark is needed that quilt looks gorgeous and the picture ,and your pin cushion is so sweet xx

  6. Pattern from
    Suzy x


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