Wednesday, 28 March 2012

fabulous felt key rings

This weeks crafty make for the school fete was felt key rings.  We met last night, sat around my kitchen table chatting, chocolate biscuit  munching and crafting away. The evening and chilled time with friends was almost as fabulous as these sweet key rings.

I made two in the time  and could have probably squeezed another one in if I hadn't had a few child and dog interruptions!  These were my makes; a cute little flower with a gingham contrast and a heart  with a pretty Cath Kidston flower on the front.

Last night we made,



and hearts.

They are very simple to make, do not cost much and are a great way of using up scraps of fabric which are far too beautiful to part with.  If you feel inspired here's how to make your own:

1. You need to cut out  two of  the shape you want in felt (easiest to cut them out at the same time), they could be a heart, flower, owl, bird etc.

2. Decorate one side (or both)  of the shape, this is the fun part as you can be as creative as you like maybe sew beads or buttons on or appliqué a scrap of fabric.  

3. Sew a piece of ribbon using small running stitches to the top, joining both pieces of the felt.

4.  Blanket stitch using embroidery thread around the shape, leaving a gap of about two centimetres.

5. Stuff the shape with toy stuffing. 

6. Finish the blanket stick and loose the thread in the middle of the key ring.

7.  Attach a key ring to the ribbon at the top.

Which one is your favourite?


  1. Wow, they are all so sweet. I think I like the hearts best, the ones without buttons as I don't really like buttons!! But they are all so good! Suzy x

  2. They are all sooo pretty...but I think the birds are my favs. May have to pinch this idea for homemade Christmas presents! Louise x

  3. My favourite is the owl, thanks for the instructions, I'll be giving them a go.
    Suzanne x

  4. The owls have definitely got my vote but they are all lovely.

  5. Delightful and I'm sure there can be so many more uses for them than just a keyring though I am struggling to think of them just at the moment.

  6. I think they all look very pretty.

  7. Hi Grace, these are really cute. I think I like the owls best though xxx

  8. Ooh, just noticed your new header! Lovely pics xxx

  9. They're all so wonderful, but I think I like the owls best of all. I bet it's great fun having a crafty evening with friends.

  10. Oh my goodness!! I love the owls...and the birds are too sweet...and those hearts are precious! Beautiful work, indeed!! Excited to be a follower!!!

  11. What type of felt did you use? Wool or acrylic? Thanks. Penny

    1. Penny, sorry I missed your question, we used a mixture of felt as we were using up scraps and both worked well. Hope that helps x


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