Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tea towel bag for bags

For some reason I volunteered to organise a craft stall at my children's primary school summer fete this year, we are making lots of things to sell to raise money for the school. Thankfully I am sharing this with a lovely friend and meeting with her and talking and doing craft has been lots of fun, encouraging others to join us has been much harder!  Last night there were three of us making this weeks item, a carrier bag holder.

The craft sessions are designed to be simple and accessible  and hopefully only needing enthusiasm rather than lots of skill.  These  bag for bags  are very simple to make:

You will need 

* A tea towel (the ones above are from the pound shop and work out at 50p each)

* Some ribbon (some of the ribbon above was wrapped around Primark  children pyjamas)

* Some elastic

* scraps of material (interfacing would be useful if it is thin material)

This is what to to

1.  Fold over and pin the top part of the tea towel, a fold of about 6 cm makes it easy to thread the hanging ribbon through later on.  If you pin the pins in a vertical way then you can sew over them with no problems

2. Fold & pin the bottom of the tea towel about 3 cm

3. Sew making sure you leave enough gap to thread elastic (at the bottom) and ribbon (top) through later on.  

4. Iron interfacing (if your fabric is lightweight) onto some contrasting fabric and cut out a heart.  

5. Carefully sew onto the right side of your tea towel, either use a machine or by hand

6.  Pin and sew the carrier bag holder together, sew with the right side facing inwards

7. Thread the ribbon through the top, if you pin a safety pin to it, threading through is much easier.  

8. Knot it and push the knot through so it is hidden.  Sew the seam up by hand, you need  to sew one side and then the other, this allows room for the ribbon to be pulled up.

7. Thread the elastic through the bottom, pull it in, knot it tightly, hide the knot and then sew up by hand.  Make sure you leave enough space to pull the bags through but not allow them to fall out.

Hang it up and admire your work!

I would love to hear any ideas anyone has for simple but effective things to sell at a school fete.  

Have you made anything that sells well?


  1. They're brilliant, really lovely. I used to be on the pta committee when my kids were little. It was always the same people who joined in with anything or offered their help, it was always so hard to find new people who were willing to give up a couple of hours of their time.

  2. Good idea! I too have previously worked on a craft stool at a school's summer fete and I did things that children could join in creating such as tea light holders made from jam jars with tissue paper stuck in, crowns that the children could decorate with glitter, sequins, feathers etc. It was very popular because not only did the children get to buy something but were able to personalise their items.

  3. Cool idea!
    Love em!

    look out for the postie in the next few days....give away posted today!xxx

  4. Hi Grace, these are really lovely and a good idea. I need new tea towels, will be popping into poundland methinks. As it's near to Easter what about some egg cosies or something, or maybe jam pot covers. These things are small so shouldn't take too long and there must be lots of patterns on the internet. Lots of love and well done for volunteering at the school, I used to when mine were small xxx xxx

  5. Ooo I think they are super - might just have to have a go at making one xx

  6. They are really good!Hope you sell lots of them! I made one for us and its really handy, I never know what to do with lots of carriers.

  7. Great idea. I'm trying to finish a bag that I'll use as a bag for bags. It's a cross-stitch design one, and it's taking me ages in the short bits of time here and there that I can grab. I haven't got involved in school things yet, but I'm sure this sort of thing will come up in a few years time. xx

  8. Flipping good idea those tea towel thingies. I'm onto it!
    I make knitting needle pouches and they always sell well. Just sew 2 rectangular pieces of felt together on 2 long edges and one short edge. stitch lengthways down the centre. Put a knitting needle in each side. I trim in coloured thread using blanket stitch. Cheap and cheerful!
    Might be a pic of them on my blog?? Can't remember.
    Emma. X

  9. Great idea, they look fab.


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