Friday, 16 March 2012

A little bit of Cath happiness!

Following a monthly visit to the  local hospital this morning to monitor Ruby's eye,  I was feeling a little blue.  She has something called  strabismic amblyopia and needs to  wear a patch over her good eye to force the poor eye to work, if this does not happen then the lazy eye will stop working, resulting in blindness.  There is a short window of opportunity for the brain to read the signals from the eye correctly and learn to see in the correct way, after the age of around seven it is not able to be corrected. She will have a small operation at some point to improve the look of the eye but the most important focus at present is her vision and  this is only corrected through patching.

My little two year old is not really liking patching at the moment (because she can't see very well which is the whole point of it), it is really hard work to make her wear the patch, although she is much better at wearing the patch if she is with a friend or child minder. We have now been referred to a larger hospital for brain signal testing to see how bad her vision   is.  I was  feeling a bit sad, frustrated, feeling as if it was my fault,  and I was trying to fight these negative feelings and not let them overwhelm me.

Viking day was earlier this week!

So it was even  more wonderful to answer the door to the postman who gave me a parcel containing all the gorgeous Cath Kidston items  shown in the photo.  What an absolute blessing and such perfect timing!   I am a complete Cath fan, in particular the bold large floral prints  which I seem to be filling the house with more and more, the man of the house hasn't raised any objections  yet!  Mel offered a very generous giveaway and to my utter excitement I won.

So this was the yummy contents of the parcel: an new book to gaze at and be inspired by, a new tape measure  which is perfect   as my boys keep taking mine and putting it in a "safe" place, and a surprise gift.  Excitedly I unwrapped it, very carefully as I always find another use for the paper and ribbons, and found this little pincushion.
 He has made himself very at home on the top of my sewing machine, the cover is made out of my absolute favourite Cath fabric, it was on little extra left over after making the front door curtain.   If you look carefully at the picture in Mel's blog you can see she also loves it.

So Mel I thank you so much for your generosity and perfect timing which really lifted me out of my sadness.  The world needs more  flowery happiness!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone, it's Friday - yay!


  1. Lucky you, I love Cath Kidston too!

  2. Thank heaven for little bright happinesses, really appreciated reading this today Xx Hattie

  3. Hi Grace, So sorry to read about Ruby. Please don't blame yourself, it's just one of those horrible things that happen. I'm glad you were cheered up by postie, sometimes they do bring nice things instead of bills! The things you won are lovely. Hope you have a great weekend. Lots of love xxx

  4. How wonderful to get such a lovely gift to brighten up your day! God always knows what we need and His timing is perfect.

  5. Hello sorry to hear that your little one has this eye problem...really hope that the patch does the job it's meant to.

    I'm so pleased that the parcel brought you joy and cheered up your day, I so glad that you are such a CK I am...she has a happy knack of being able to cheer up the dullest of dull days!

    Have a restful Melxxx

  6. So sorry to hear about Ruby's eye problem. I'm glad that you had a lovely surprise through the post. Jx

  7. Hello Lovely!

    I'll be thinking of you & saying a little prayer for Ruby. I hope you have a rest over the weekend & maybe breakfast in bed on Sunday??

    Love hilary xxx

  8. Amazing timing, God's timing. So glad the fabric cheered you up. Praying that Ruby's eye will get better with patching xx

  9. Sorry to hear the eye patch woes continue, your poor little Ruby is sadly too young to understand the good it will do her. Would it help if you sewed her a little eye patch cover .. perhaps using some of your treasured Cath Kidston? Perhaps she might feel more inclined to wear something so pretty and cherished by Mummy.

    Take care and enjoy your goodies!
    kate x

  10. Congratulations on the win, such lovely goodies. Poor Ruby, she's too young to understand the good that the patch will do her. I remember I had a friend at primary school who had a lazy eye and had to wear an eye patch. It worked as she had perfect vision thereafter.


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