Thursday, 29 March 2012

Testing Tunes

There has been much practice and playing of scales  in the oldpolicehouse of late. The two oldest girls are just about to take their Grade 2 and 4 in piano.  They have both worked really hard and deserve to pass well.  We have all listened very well but have just about had enough! Little man is going round the house singing  his "da da da du de dum......." version and is completely accurate in tone and rhythm reminding me yet again    how much little ears pick up from the rest of us.  At least this time I am not going to be ashamed if he repeats it at school.

The grades are taken in a house a few miles up the road, this is the sweet cottage next door,

right by the post box.

With some very pretty flowers growing by the pavements, they are probably  weeds but they certainly brightened the way.

It looks picturesque but the photos hide the really busy road about a metre away!

We found our destination and   entered with a rather  grumpy small girl in tow,  the house was not really  bored toddler friendly  but such is the life of a youngest child and she usually adapts well.   However  after handing me some matches, finding several chocolate eggs to steal and depositing iced gems all over the floor  I was  slightly desperate for a distraction.  Thankfully the above photos worked  for a very short while before she announced her intention to leave, very loudly!

How did you spend this lovely sunny

(hopefully it was without a noisy attachment!)


  1. Ooh I remember dealing with a two year old! Good luck to your daughters, I hope they pass. That cottage looks very lovely xxx

  2. I hope the girls do well in their exams, it's a pretty place that they take them in. Eleanor took her first couple of singing exams at school, but an examiner will only come out if there's a certain number of pupils entering. The last couple of exams we've had to travel in to Leeds, opposite the university to the Yorkshire College of Music and Drama which is a bit of a trek.

  3. A lovely cottage and exciting times for your girls. How did they do? I always got so nervous during testing, played guitar, but my teacher was so calm and patient, that was many years ago. I now have six grown children, such a delight, happy that they are adults, but miss them being little, sometimes ;)

    Love your felt key rings, to cute!


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